Miocene Epoch

  • (noun): From 25 million to 13 million years ago; appearance of grazing mammals.
    Synonyms: Miocene

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List Of Geochronologic Names - List
1971 Aftonian 0.6 0.48 age Pleistocene North America Agenian 23 20.4 ELMMZ Miocene Europe Agen (France) Aimchanian 1100 age Proterozoic Siberia Aksayan 493 491.5 age Cambrian Russia. 1980 Gramian 10.3 8.5 age Miocene Northern Germany Grauvian 50.8 48.5 ELMMZ Eocene Europe Guadalupian 270.6 ± 0.7 260.4 ± 0.7 epoch Permian ICS Guadalupe Mountains (Texas, US) Guandian 425.5. 478.6 472 age Ordovician China Houldjinian 37.2 33.9 ALMA Asia Houthalenian 16 age Miocene Belgium (obsolete) Houthalen Hirsch, 1952 Hoxnian 0.418 0.386 age Pleistocene Great ...
Late Miocene
... The Late Miocene (also known as Upper Miocene) is a sub-epoch of the Miocene Epoch made up of two stages ... and Messinian stages comprise the Late Miocene sub-epoch ... The sub-epoch lasted from 11.608 ± 0.005 Ma (million years ago) to 5.332 ± 0.005 Ma ...
Early Miocene
... The Early Miocene (also known as Lower Miocene) is a sub-epoch of the Miocene Epoch made up of two stages the Aquitanian and Burdigalian stages ... The sub-epoch lasted from 23.03 ± 0.05 Ma to 15.97 ± 0.05 Ma (million years ago) ... It was preceded by the Oligocene epoch ...

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