Miniature Texas Longhorn - Standards


The standards for Miniature Texas Longhorns are very similar as the guidelines for the main trache. Their general conformation is a good length with moderate depth and thickness. The tops of the hips should be higher than the tops of the shoulders. They often have squarely set legs with sound feet and joints that have strength, but also allow free movement. Bulls should be slightly thicker and heavier than cows showing masculinity. Texas Longhorns have a mild, tractable disposition, not showing aggressiveness or nervousness. According to the TLBAA, Mature Miniature Texas Longhorns must have horns (measured tip-to-tip) of at least 50% their hip height with > 100% their hip height considered to be desirable. Miniature Texas Longhorns are not considered to be mature until they are 5 years of age.

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