Miniature Texas Longhorn

Miniature Texas Longhorn

Miniature Texas Longhorns are purebred, registered Texas Longhorns that have been downsized by breeding the smallest Texas Longhorns together over time. Just like the "full-sized" Texas Longhorns, the miniature version comes in many different colors, coat patterns, and horn sizes and styles. While Miniature Texas Longhorns are very small, the goal is to retain the characteristics and proportions of the "full-sized." The TLBAA has recently (May 26, 2010) approved a registry change that adds a separate designation for miniature Texas Longhorns. Since this registry change is so new, most Miniature Texas Longhorns are currently registered as "Texas Longhorns" within the standard registry. Breeders that wish to have their animals designated as Miniature Texas Longhorns must complete a reclassification application with the TLBAA and meet the minimum breed standards set for miniatures. Miniature Texas Longhorns are a fairly new idea so only a handful of farms and ranches in the country raise them; however, they are growing in popularity as word spreads about these new pint-sized longhorns.

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Miniature Texas Longhorn - Purpose
... Miniature cattle, including Miniature Texas Longhorn, are primarily kept as pets, or used as entertainment animals ... "Full-sized" Texas Longhorn cattle are a source of lean beef, which is lower in fat, cholesterol and calories, but less tender than most beef ... The miniature version could potentially be used for beef production, with lower feed demands, but higher processing costs ...

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