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Historic Fleet

In its 71 years of existence, Swissair operated the following aircraft.

Aircraft Total Delivered Retired Notes
Fokker VII a 1 1931 1950 acquired from Balair now on display in the Swiss Transport Museum in Lucerne
Fokker VII b 8 1931 1935 acquired from Ad Astra and Balair
Dornier Merkur 2 1931 1931 acquired from Ad Astra
Messerschmitt M 18 1 1931 1938 Taken over from Ad Astra
Comte AC-4 1 1931 1947 acquired from Ad Astra
now in the SR Technics Hangar in Zurich
Lockheed Model 9 Orion 2 1932 1936 both were sold to the Republicans in the Spanish Civil War. (The model at the Swiss Transport Museum never served in the Swissair fleet; but it was bought in the 1960s by Swissair, restored to flying status and painted in Swissair colors.)
Clark G.A. 43 2 1934 1936 first all-metal plane in Swissair fleet
Curtiss AT-32C Condor 1 1934 1934 first European airliner to have a stewardess
crashed in 1934
Douglas DC-2 6 1934 1952 assembled under licence by Fokker at Schiphol Airport near Amsterdam
Junkers Ju-86 B-0 2 1936 1939 crash-landed or crashed
de Havilland Dragon Rapide 3 1937 1954
Douglas DC-3 5 + 11 1937 1969 The first 5 were assembled prewar by Fokker at Schiphol Airport near Amsterdam, whilst the others were converted USAF C-47's and postwar built aircraft
de Havilland Mosquito 1 1945 1945 was originally used as a Royal Air Force fighter aircraft in World War II, fell into Swiss hands
Swiss government used it, sold it to Swissair in 1944
Mraz M-65 Cap 1 1948 1950 built under license by Fieseler Storch
sold to Lindt & Spr√ľngli
Nord 1000 1 1948 1953 sold to Federal Air Office
Douglas DC-4 5 1946 1959 used on service to JFK
three crashed or were damaged or destroyed
Convair CV-240 8 1949 1957 most were sold
some scrapped, one crashed
Douglas DC-6 8 1951 1962 most were sold, one was leased
one's whereabouts are not known
Douglas DC-7C 5 1956 1962 all were sold
one was the last DC-7 to be built
Convair CV-440 Metropolitan 12 1956 1968 most were sold
first Swissair plane to use integrated Weather Radar
Scottish Aviation Twin Pioneer 1 1957 1957 used for high-altitude airports
Sud Aviation SE210 Caravelle 9 1960 1971 Swissair's first jetliner
first ones leased from Scandinavian Airlines System
most were sold, one still survives
Douglas DC-8-32 3 1960 1967 one was converted to a -53 and two were converted to -33's,
Convair 880-22M 2 1961 1962 leased pending delivery of Convair 990s
Convair 990 "Coronado" 8 1962 1975 most were sold, one crashed, one is at the Swiss Transport Museum in Lucerne
Douglas DC-8-53 2 1963 1976 one was converted from a -33
; one was hijacked & was blown-up after passengers were released
Fokker F27 3 1965 1972 Operated for Swissair by Balair
Douglas DC-9-15 5 1966 1968 sent back to Douglas or sold
BAC One-Eleven 3 1968 1969 just leased for capacity reasons
Douglas DC-9-32 22 1967 1988 one was operated as a freighter -33F
Douglas DC-8-62 7 1967 1984 two were operated as freighter -62F's
Boeing 747-257B 2 1971 1984 sold
McDonnell Douglas DC-10-30 14 (2 were ER version) 1972 1992 sold
some were stored, some were scrapped
McDonnell Douglas DC-9-41 4 1974 1975 leased from SAS
McDonnell Douglas DC-9-51 12 1975 1988 sold
some stored, some broken up, some still flying
McDonnell Douglas MD-81/82/83 26 1980 1998 Launch customer of MD-80.
Most sold, some stored, one written off, two crashed before delivery, some still flying
Airbus A310-221 5 1983 1995 sold to Fedex, converted to freighters and still flying
Boeing 747-357 5 1983 2000 one was the prototype
three were combis, two were leased
some stored, one broken up, one now flying
Airbus A310-332 6 1985 2000 sold
one stored, one scrapped, some still flying
Fokker 100 6 1988 1996 sold
some still flying
McDonnell Douglas MD-11 16 1991 2002 one crashed
rest were sold, most still flying
Airbus A321-111 12 1995 2002 some were sold, most went to Swiss International Air Lines
Airbus A320-214 20 1995 2002 some were sold, most went to Swiss International Air Lines
Airbus A319-112 9 1996 2002 some were sold, most went to Swiss International Air Lines
Airbus A330-223 16 1998 2002 some were sold, most went to Swiss International Air Lines
Airbus A340-600 order: 9
delivered: -
contract delivery: 2002 when Swissair went bankrupt, Swiss cancelled the orders and ordered the A340-300. All of the Swissair's previously ordered A340-600s went to Iberia.

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