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Germany, Austria, South and Central America

German (formerly East German) and Austrian (and South/Central American) military bands have two or more components depending on instrumentation. Military bands in Germany's Bundeswehr today only comprise of a Military band and a Corps of Drums (Austrian bands do not) while Military bands in Chile have the same instrumentation with the addition of Sousaphones and Bugles on the Corps of Drums, the same with those military bands from the Spanish-speaking South American countries, with a few unique additions. Argentine military bands have field drummers and occasionally buglers and fifes (as is the case with the Tacuari Drummer military band of the Regiment of Patricians, which has two fifers) accompanying the main band while bands in Peru and Ecuador have the percussion on the front and the woodwinds and brass behind them.

Other distinguishing features are the presence or absence of the Turkish crescent in the military bands when they are on parade and the band's conductor being assisted by a Drum major and in Chile and Mexico by a bugle major. Another key feature, seen in some military bands in Brazil and in the Pipe band of the Colombian Navy's Naval Academy "Admiral Jose Prudencio Padillia", is the presence of bagpipes in the bands, and as seen in the Marching Band of the Brazilian Marines, the use of more bugles types like baritones and mellow phones. In Bolivia, the use of the Turkish crescent with the addition of vertical banners and standards is standard practice in its military bands.

In types of ensemble, these bands are called as:

  • Corps of Drums (Spielmanszug, Tambourkorps, Trommlerkorps, Banda de Guerra, Banda Marcial, Banda Musico Marcial/Tradicional Marcial (in Colombia), Peloton Comando (in Ecuador))
  • Military/Music/Marching Band (Musikkorps, Musikkappele, Orchester, Banda de Musico/Musica, Banda Militar, Banda Marcial (in Brazil), Banda instrumental)
  • Drum and bugle bands (Banda de Guerra (in Mexico))
  • Brass bands (Blasorchester, Blaskappelle)
  • Fanfare bands (Fanfarenzug, Fanfarenkorps) (civilian bands only)
  • Bugle bands (Regiments-blaser korps, Banda de Guerra (in Mexico))
  • Mounted bands (Trompeterkorps, Kavalleriemusik, Kavallerieorchester, Kavallerie Fanfare, Fanfarekavalleriekorps, Banda Montada, Fanfarria Militar)

Military Band, Marching Band, Brass Band, Regimental Band and Bugles, Mounted Band, Mounted Fanfare Band

  • Tubas, Sousaphones, Helicons
  • Wagner tubas, Alto horns, Euphoniums, Baritone horns
  • Trombones, Trumpets, Flugelhorns, Keyed bugles, Cornets
  • Horns, Mellophones
  • Saxophones, Flutes, Piccolos, Clarinets, Oboes, Bassoons
  • Glockenspiels
  • Bass drums
  • Single and multiple tenor drums
  • Cymbals
  • Snare drums, Field drums
  • Bagpipes (in several military bands)
  • Turkish crescent
  • Timpani (for mounted bands and optional for massed bands)
  • Fanfare bugles, Fanfare trumpets (optional)
  • Bugles (also optional)
  • Fifes (also optional)

Corps of Drums, Fanfare Band/Section, Bugle Section, Pipe section

  • Snare drums
  • Field/Precision snare drums
  • Single tenor drums
  • Multiple tenor drums
  • Bass Drums
  • Cymbals
  • Turkish crescent
  • Fifes, Flutes, Piccolos
  • Bugles (Austrian, Chilean, Venezuelan, Colombian, Argentine, Brazilian, Peruvian and Ecuadorian military bands)
  • Bagpipes (in several military bands)
  • Fanfare trumpets, Fanfare bugles, Natural trumpets, Natural horns, Cors de chasse
  • Glockenspiels

The Alto Peru Fanfare Band of the Argentine Regiment of Mounted Grenadiers is an all-brass mounted band using the same brass and percussion instruments mentioned. Other mounted bands like the Mounted Fanfare Band Company of the 1st Mechanized Cavalry Regiment "Glorious Junin Hussars(Peru's Liberators)" of the Peruvian Army, the Mounted Band and Bugles of the 1st Cavalry Regiment "Grenadiers" and the Band and Bugles of the 3rd Cavalry Regiment "Hussars" of the Chilean Army, the Mounted Band of the 1st Cavalry Regiment "José Gervasio Artigas's Own Blandengues Horse Guards" of the Uruguayan Army and the Mounted Band of the Ecuadorian National Police use both brass, woodwinds and percussion, and also utilize bugles.

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