Mike Cohen (actor)

Mike Cohen (born January 16, 1917, died in the Philippines, March 19, 1988) was an American expatriate actor living in the Philippines, who had supporting roles in a number of low-budget, Z-movie Filipino actioners from the late 70's to the 80's. He was a retired US Army officer (Lt.Colonel) who ran a mall in Manila and acted in films as a hobby. Cohen appeared in the midget-exploitation vehicle For Y'ur Height Only (1979) starring Weng Weng, in Intrusion Cambodia AKA Rescue Team (1981) (directed by John Gale (director) (Jun Gallardo) and starring Richard Harrison and a cast of Filipino exploitation veterans such as Mike Monty, James Gaines, Romano Kristoff and Ronnie Patterson, and other films of similar quality. A short, overweight, grey-haired and often goateed man, he was usually cast as military/government men and gangsters. Unlike many other expat actors working in low-quality films in the Philippines during the 80's such as Gaines or Kristoff, Cohen did not work almost exclusively for John Gale or Teddy Page (Teddy Chiu).

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