Mikael Ljungman

Mikael Ljungman (born November 25, 1963) is a businessman and inventor working with mobile communications. Mikael Ljungman is a partner of Carl Freer, working on the relaunch of Gizmondo, the gaming and Augmented Reality console, Blowfishworks and The Media Power Group, GetFugu. Following the IT Factory scam, Danish police sent out an arrest warrant for Mikael Ljungman via Interpol. He was arrested by Swedish police in Norrköping and was extradited to Denmark on 27 July 2009, and on 26 March 2010, convicted of serious fraud for his involvement in the scam, and sentenced to a six-year prison sentence, which he is appealing.

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... In December 2008, it was reported that Ljungman had business with bankrupt Danish company IT Factory ... Ljungman told the press that he lent his car to Stein Bagger, who had arrived in Connecticut before it was known that Bagger was missing and later became wanted for ... Bagger used Ljungman's car, and may have used his credit card, to drive to Los Angeles, where he surrendered to police ...