Midi Messages

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MIDI Usage And Applications - Extensions of The MIDI Standard - RTP-MIDI Transport Protocol
... The RTP MIDI protocol was released to the public domain by IETF in December 2006 (RFC 4695), and was supplanted in June 2011 by RFC 6295, which corrects the ... RTP-MIDI relies on the Real-time Transport Protocol (RTP) layer that is in wide use for real-time audio and video streaming over networks ... RTP-MIDI defines a specific payload type that allows the receiver to identify MIDI streams ...
MIDI 1.0 - Message Format - Low Bandwidth
... MIDI messages are extremely compact, due to the low bandwidth of the connection, and the need for real-time accuracy ... Most messages consist of a status byte (channel number in the low 4 bits, and an opcode in the high 4 bits), followed by one or two data bytes ... However, the serial nature of MIDI messages means that long strings of MIDI messages take an appreciable time to send, at times even causing audible ...

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