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Artificially generated microplasmas are found on the flat panel screen of a plasma display. The technology utilizes small cells and contains electrically charged ionized gases. Across this plasma display panel, there are a millions of tiny cells called pixels that are confined to form a visual image. In the plasma display panels, X and Y grid of electrodes, separated by a MgO dielectric layer and surrounded by a mixture of inert gases - such as argon, neon or xenon, the individual picture elements are addressed. They work on the principle that passing a high voltage through a low-pressure gas generates light. Essentially, a PDP can be viewed as a matrix of tiny fluorescent tubes which are controlled in a sophisticated fashion. Each pixel comprises a small capacitor with three electrodes, one for each primary color (some newer displays include an electrode for yellow). An electrical discharge across the electrodes causes the rare gases sealed in the cell to be converted to plasma form as it ionizes. Being electrically neutral, it contains equal quantities of electrons and ions and is, by definition, a good conductor. Once energized, the plasma cells release ultraviolet (UV) light which then strikes and excites red, green and blue phosphors along the face of each pixel, causing them to glow.

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... his 30-year professional career to the advancement and promotion of plasma displays ... at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, where he directed the Plasma Display Research Group after receiving BS, MS and Ph.D ... receive the prestigious Society for Information Display (SID) Karl Ferdinand Braun Prize ...

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