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The most common connectors used by microphones are:

  • Male XLR connector on professional microphones
  • ¼ inch (sometimes referred to as 6.3 mm) phone connector on less expensive consumer microphones, using an unbalanced 1/4 inch TS phone connector. Harmonica microphones commonly use a high impedance 1/4 inch TS connection to be run through guitar amplifiers.
  • 3.5 mm (sometimes referred to as 1/8 inch mini) stereo (wired as mono) mini phone plug on very inexpensive and computer microphones

Some microphones use other connectors, such as a 5-pin XLR, or mini XLR for connection to portable equipment. Some lavalier (or 'lapel', from the days of attaching the microphone to the news reporters suit lapel) microphones use a proprietary connector for connection to a wireless transmitter, such as a radio pack. Since 2005, professional-quality microphones with USB connections have begun to appear, designed for direct recording into computer-based software.

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