• (adj): Relating to or characteristic of a microcosm.
    Example: "The microcosmic world of business"

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Microcosmic Orbit
... The Microcosmic Orbit also known as the 'Self Winding Wheel of the Law' and the circulation of light is a Taoist Qigong or Taoist yoga Qi energy cultivation technique ... The clear understanding of the microcosmic orbit technique is very important not only because of its historical context in the story of Chinese alchemy but because it is at the ...
Holon (philosophy) - General Definition
... it is open ended both in the macrocosmic as well as in the microcosmic dimensions ... the second is that this approach does not take into account that the microcosmic dimension is open ended ... search for TOE will discover phenomena more microcosmic than strings or the more comprehensive M theory ...
Microcosmic Salt
... Microcosmic salt (see infobox for other names) is a salt found in urine with the formula (NH4)NaHPO4 ... In the mineral form, microcosmic salt is called stercorite ... Microcosmic salt is used in the laboratory as an essential ingredient of the microcosmic salt bead test for identification of metallic radicles on the ...
Microcosmic Orbit - Practice
... building enough energy to begin performing the Microcosmic orbit exercise as it can induce a strain on the nervous system and cause energy depletion ... extra meridians or energy pathways in the body, but in the microcosmic orbit meditation exercise Jing is encouraged to flow upwards along the Governor vessel during inhalation ... This raising and lowering Jing through the Microcosmic orbit and returning it to the Dantian purifies the essence and transforms it into Qi or vitality ...
Five Animals - Five-animal Exercise in Present-day Qigong
... both Yin and Yang of Ren Mai and Du Mai channels activating the microcosmic orbit ... In the second part, hunching the back activates the microcosmic orbit again and the gentle skip exemplifies the Deer’s playful and fluid nature ... The activation of the microcosmic orbit is again featured by firstly working the spine in a concave fashion ...

Famous quotes containing the word microcosmic:

    Typically, the hero of the fairy tale achieves a domestic, microcosmic triumph, and the hero of myth a world-historical, macrocosmic triumph. Whereas the former—the youngest or despised child who becomes the master of extraordinary powers—prevails over his personal oppressors, the latter brings back from his adventure the means for the regeneration of his society as a whole.
    Joseph Campbell (1904–1987)