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The Michigan School of Professional Psychology (MiSPP) is a unique school that emphasizes personal growth, authenticity and creativity as integral parts of the academic process.

MiSPP offers an educational climate that values personal choice, self-determination, and free-will, important components of human potential addressed by the humanistic model of psychotherapy. Maintaining its emphasis on a small interactive learning environment, MiSPP recognizes individualized attention for each student as a priority. MiSPP encourages personally relevant clinical research and cultivates purposeful connections through social action and outreach efforts. MiSPP strives to create a diverse community of teaching and learning and a sense of community that is foundational to enhancing cooperative and collaborative relationships.

While preserving its legacy of humanistic and existential roots, MiSPP integrates contemporary theories and practices to promote quality education of competent practitioner-scholars. MiSPP searches for opportunities to contribute to the well-being of individuals and society through its leadership in humanistic and clinical psychology and the advancement of qualitative research.

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