Michael Sandy - Attack


Sandy drove his 2004 Mazda to the location, and met Fox first, near Emmons Avenue. They then drove to Plumb Beach, where Fortunato, Shurov, and Timmons were waiting.

Shortly after Sandy arrived, witnesses saw two young white men approaching his car. At that time, Sandy was confronted by two of the young men, who began looking through his vehicle. Shurov pulled Sandy from the car and began punching him. At about 9:45 p.m., at least four witnesses saw four white men assaulting a black man.

Attempting to escape, Sandy ran toward the highway. He appeared to be calling for help on his cell phone. Two of his attackers caught up with him in the right lane of the highway. Shurov pursued Sandy across the guard rail, caught up with him in the right lane, and punched him. Sandy backpedaled into the middle lane, and was struck. One of the attackers dragged Sandy back to the side of the road. Shurov was seen rifling through Sandy's pockets after he was struck.

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