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Recall Election

In October 2006, ViAnna Jordan began an effort to recall McGee. Among the reasons Jordan listed for the recall were "fraudulent use of alias names to avoid responsibility for accident damages," referring to the discovery that McGee held driver's licenses under both names, and to other incidents, such as arrests for disorderly conduct and perjury allegations, both from a series of restraining-order hearings involving the mother of his child, as well as calling a suspect in the beating of Frank Jude Jr. a "straight-up sick faggot" at a rally. Other reasons were more general, such as "has become an embarrassment to our community."

During the recall effort, Jordan and her supporters frequently reported that they were harassed by McGee’s supporters. For example, a former Milwaukee School Board member, Leon Todd, received a restraining order against McGee for what Todd called continued harassment for his support of the recall effort against McGee. Todd was the campaign manager for recall organizer Jordan. During a radio show, McGee said that Todd should be “hung” for his “betrayal of the community.” He then gave out Todd’s phone number over the air, leading to Todd receiving numerous harassing phone calls. Todd had long been a target of McGee and his father. For example, in 1996, McGee’s father congratulated the person who fire bombed Todd’s home, stating, “They are the kind of people I would like to pin a medal of honor on,” and “My whole-hearted congratulations to the guerrilla who issued a little warning shot to Todd. I know where it came from.”

McGee made numerous attempts to block the recall effort. In response to a Jordan supporter admitting in an affidavit that she misled people into signing the recall petitions, the Election Commission asked the District Attorney’s office to investigate. This led to a secret John Doe hearing.

Although the Election Commission found evidence of “widespread fraud” in ViAnna Jordan’s recall petition, the Commission nonetheless permitted the recall to proceed. In the eight-person primary election, McGee earned 64% of the vote, permitting him to stay in office without a run-off election.

However, the John Doe hearing continued and rather than uncovering evidence of fraud on the part of Jordan and the recall supporters, the investigation uncovered evidence of widespread election-related crimes on the part of McGee and his supporters. On June 4, 2007, McGee was charged with five misdemeanors and five felonies for his alleged conduct during the recall election and the subsequent investigation. According to the criminal complaint, McGee falsely reported to the Election Commission that he was approached within 100 feet of an open polling place and asked to sign a petition to keep Malcolm X Academy open. However, two other witnesses, the person who was allegedly circulating the petition and a police sergeant who McGee contacted soon after the incident, both reported that McGee was fully aware that he was signing a petition seeking his recall when he signed the petition. McGee was charged with theft of two checks that were intended as campaign donations but instead McGee deposited the checks into an account of a local grocery store. McGee was also charged with four counts of election bribery relating to an alleged plan to pay voters or persons who recruited others to vote, including two undercover police officers, $5 for each vote. Numerous conversations in which McGee allegedly discussed the plan to pay each voter $5 were recorded pursuant to a court authorized wiretap.

McGee was also charged with filing false campaign finance reports and electioneering for allegedly distributing campaign literature at a polling place.

McGee was also charged with two counts of criminal contempt for allegedly violating the secrecy order related to the John Doe proceedings. These alleged breaches of the secrecy order were recorded as a result of the court authorized wiretap. Notably, one of these calls was to Kimley Rucker, the mother of his child who he previously referred to as "a lying type of chick" and dismissed her allegations that he had impregnated her and, months later, grabbed and twisted her arm as "slanderous character assassination,” a year earlier when she sought a restraining order against McGee.

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