MEU may refer to:

  • Marine Expeditionary Unit, a military task force
  • Model European Union, a politics education exercise
  • the Motu language, for which meu is the ISO 639-3 code

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Saint-Gonlay - Geography
... The Meu river goes through the town ... In the North, there is the Meu river and the Comper river, in the East is the brook of Boutavent and in the South, the forest of Brocéliande ... The town is part of the county of Montfort-sur-Meu and depends of Rennes ...
Montfort-sur-Meu - Touristic Activities
... in the district of Montfort Visit with a GPS guide (Montfort-sur-Meu) The visit with a GPS guide allows to visit Montfort-sur-Meu through an interactive walk ... Legacy and botanic path (Montfort-sur-Meu) This path, made of two loops located in the heart of the district of Montfort, offers the crossing of diversified natural places (humid meadow, landscape parkland, shores ... Historical path of Montfort (Montfort-sur-Meu) This path, to be discovered by foot, allows to understand the evolution and the development of the town from the Middle Ages to nowadays ...
Meu Nome Não É Johnny
... Meu Nome Não É Johnny (English My Name Ain't Johnny) is a 2008 Brazilian film directed by Mauro Lima ... The film was based on the book Meu Nome Não é Johnny by Guilherme Fiuza ...
Special Operations Capable - Pre-deployment Training Program (PTP) - Final Training Phase
... It allows the MEU time to ensure all equipment is in the highest state of readiness prior to the SOCEX ... training period, the Amphibious Squadron (PHIBRON) and MEU refine their ability to conduct amphibious operations, and conventional and selected maritime special ... Arms Coordination Exercise (SACEX) This is the PHIBRON and MEU’s final evaluation of its amphibious warfare, conventional, and selected maritime special operations capabilities ...