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When a woman had a menstrual discharge, she was to remain impure seven days, and whoever touched her was to be unclean until evening. (Leviticus 15:19.) Anything that she lay on or sat on was unclean. (Leviticus 15:20.) Anyone who touched her bedding or any object on which she has sat was to wash his clothes, bathe in water, and remain unclean until evening. (Leviticus 15:21–23.) And if a man lay with her, her impurity was communicated to him and he was to be unclean seven days, and any bedding on which he lay became unclean. (Leviticus 15:24.) When a woman had an irregular discharge of blood, she was to be unclean as long as her discharge lasted. (Leviticus 15:25–27.) Seven days after the discharge ended, she was to be clean. (Leviticus 15:28.) On the eighth day, she was to give two turtle doves or two pigeons to the priest, who was to offer them to make expiation. (Leviticus 15:29–30.)

God told Moses and Aaron to put the Israelites on guard against uncleanness, lest they die by defiling God’s Tabernacle. (Leviticus 15:31.)

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