Methylated DNA Immunoprecipitation - Applications of MeDIP

Applications of MeDIP

  • Weber et al. 2005 determined that the inactive X-chromosome in females is hypermethylated on a chromosome wide level using MeDIP coupled with microarray.
  • Keshet et al. 2006 performed a study on colon and prostate cancer cells using MeDIP-chip. The result is a genome-wide analysis of genes lying in hypermethylated regions as well as conclude that there is an instructive mechanism of de novo methylation in cancer cells.
  • Zhang et al. 2006 obtained a high resolution methylome mapping in Arabidopsis using MeDIP-chip.
  • Novak et al. 2006 used the MeDIP-chip approach to investigate human breast cancer for methylation associated silencing and observed the inactivation of the HOXA gene cluster

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