Methodius or Methodios may refer to:

  • Methodius of Olympus (d. 311), Christian bishop, church father, and martyr
  • Methodios I of Constantinople (c. 790-847), patriarch of Constantinople
  • Saint Methodius of Thessaloniki (826-885), Byzantine Greek archbishop of Great Moravia and scholar
  • Methodios Anthrakites (1660–1736), Greek scholar, priest and director of the Gioumeios and Epiphaneios Schools in Ioannina
  • Metodyj Trochanovskij (1885–1947), Polish activist
  • Metropolitan Methodios (Tournas) of Boston (born 1946), the spiritual leader of the Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Boston
  • Methodius Buslaev, fictional character from Dmitri Yemets's book series
  • Methodius (Berat), Berat's archbishop, who in 1743 renovated the Ardenica Monastery
  • St. Methodios Faith and Heritage Center, a camp run by the Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Boston located in the town of Hopkinton, New Hampshire, United States

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Methodius Of Olympus - Life
... According to him, Methodius was Bishop of Olympos in Lycia and afterwards Bishop of Tyre ... Jerome further states that Methodius suffered martyrdom at the end of the last persecution, i.e ... of Tyre as a subsequent bishopric of Methodius it is possible that he was transported to Tyre during the persecution and died there ...
Methodius Buslaev
... Methodius Buslaev (Мефодий Буслаев) — character from Dmitri Yemets's "Methodius Buslaev" book series ... Methodius Buslaev is a boy with exclusive forces ... Right at the beginning of a series it is clearly stated that Methodius possesses a Dark gift ...
Methodius Buslaev - Characters
... Methodius Buslaev (shortly Meth (Mef)) - the person who has become the successor of Darkness because of a total eclipse of the Sun when he was born ... time on the Earth made her age faster, thus she looks about the same age as Methodius ... She is assigned as a protector to Methodius, and is his girlfriend as well (they kissed) ...
Methodius Buslaev - Books
... Methodius Buslaev Magician of Midnight) Мефодий Буслаев Свиток желаний (Methodius ...
Medieval Christians - High Middle Ages (800–1300) - Conversion of East and South Slavs
... Cyril and Methodius had extensive missionary success in Eastern Europe among the Slavic peoples, translating the Bible and liturgy into Slavonic ... emperor Michael III chose Cyril and Methodius in response to a request from Rastislav, the king of Moravia who wanted missionaries that could minister to the Moravians in their own language ... Methodius later went on to convert the Serbs ...