Metamorphism Folding

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Sweetwater Creek State Park - Geology
... Park is divided into three periods such as deposition of sediments, metamorphism and folding, and uplift and erosion ... Metamorphism and Folding It is likely that the deposition continued until 450 million years before the present causing increase of weight of the sediments in the basin ... It is likely that metamorphism destroyed fossil remains that may have been in the rocks ...
Colorado Orogeny
... and sedimentary rocks that resulted from the Colorado orogeny underwent metamorphism followed by plastic folding under moderate pressure and temperature (PT) conditions (temperature about 500 °C and pressures in ... The metamorphism was accompanied by intrusion of intermediate calc-alkalic rocks, such as the granodiorites of the Boulder Creek batholith ... The accompanying amphibolite facies metamorphism is characterized by sillimanite and, locally, garnet, andalusite, and cordierite ...

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