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Stegano - Techniques - Physical
... Possible permutations are endless and known examples include Hidden messages within wax tablets — in ancient Greece, people wrote messages on the wood, then covered it with wax ... Hidden messages on messenger's body — also used in ancient Greece ... Herodotus tells the story of a message tattooed on the shaved head of a slave of Histiaeus, hidden by the hair that afterwards grew over it, and exposed by shaving the head again ...

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    If you say to me: “Master, it would seem that you weren’t too terribly wise to have written these bits of nonsense and pleasant mockeries,” I respond that you are hardly more so in finding amusement in reading them.
    François Rabelais (1494–1553)

    Acknowledging separation feelings directly and sympathetically is the best way of coping with them. It is actually helpful to tell a toddler “I’ll miss you,” or “I will think of you during the day,” or “It is hard to say goodbye,” or “I can’t wait to see you at the end of the day.” These messages tell the child that he is important to the parent even when they are not together and that out of sight need not mean out of mind.
    Alicia F. Lieberman (20th century)