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Geography Of Spain - External Boundaries and Landform Regions - The Inner Plateau and Associated Mountains
... The Meseta Central ("Inner Plateau") is a vast plateau in the heart of peninsular Spain, has elevations that range from 610 to 760 m ... Rimmed by mountains, the Meseta Central slopes gently to the west and to the series of rivers that form some of the border with Portugal ... The Sistema Central, described as the "dorsal spine" of the Meseta Central, divides the Meseta into northern and southern subregions, the former higher in elevation and smaller in area than the latter ...
Sistema Ibérico - Location & Description
... The Sistema Ibérico mountain range borders the Meseta Central on its western end and separates the Meseta Central from the Ebro valley and from the Mediterranean coast ... northwest-southeast between the Ebro plain and the Meseta Central for over 500 km, from the La Bureba corridor in Burgos Province close to the Cordillera Cantábrica to the Mediterranean sea close to Valencia in ...

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