Merode may refer to:

  • MERODE, an Object Oriented Enterprise Modeling method developed at Kuleuven (Belgium)
  • de Mérode or van Merode or von Merode is the name of a princely dynasty belonging to the Belgian nobility
  • The Mérode Altarpiece, a famous painting, once belonged to the family
  • The Mérode Cup, a cup made of silver gilt that once belonged to the family
  • Merode station, a railway and metro station in Brussels

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MERODE - People
... de Mérode-Westerloo (1674-1732), Imperial Field Marshal Felix de Merode (1791–1857), Belgian politician Frédéric-François-Xavier Ghislain de Mérode (1820-1874), Belgian prelate and statesman ...
Jean Philippe Eugène De Mérode - Memoirs
... Jean-Philippe-Eugène de Merode-Westerloo is best remembered for his memoirs, which were published by his grandson, and which are a valuable source of information on the Battle of ... Jean-Philippe-Eugène de Merode-Westerloo Mémoires de Feld-Maréchal Comte de Merode-Westerloo, Chevalier de la Toison d'Or, Capitaine de Trabans de l'Empereur ...
House Of Mérode
... The princely house of Merode is one of the most important houses of the Belgian nobility ... The surname of the family and the name of the House is nowadays mostly written de Merode in (French) ... The name is also spelled van Merode in Dutch and von Merode in German ...
Félix De Mérode
... Philippe Félix Balthasar Otto Ghislain, Count de Merode (13 April 1791 – 7 February 1857), known as Félix de Merode, was a Belgian politician ... Born in Maastricht, Merode's father was mayor of Brussels during the period in which modern Belgium formed part of France ... Under the First French Empire, Merode lived in Paris ...
House Of Mérode - Personalities of Felix Branch
... Upon the death of Charles de Merode in 1977, this branch has become the elder branch of the house of Merode ... Philippe Felix de Merode (cf ... Wikipedia) Bishop Javier de Merode (1820-1874) (Minister of Pope Pius IX) Princess Baudouin de Merode, born Nathalie van den Abeele (1948), widow first wife ...