Mercenary War - Bibliography/Sources - Ancient


  • Appian, History of Rome: The Sicilian Wars.
  • Appian, History of Rome: The Punic Wars.
  • Siculus, Diodorus, Universal History.
  • Livy (Livius, Titus), History of Rome.
  • Livy (Livius, Titus), Perioche.
  • Nepos, Cornelius, Lives of Eminent Commanders.
  • Pausanias, Description of Greece.
  • Polybius, The Histories.
  • Zonaras, Joannes, Epitome Historiarum (chiefly the epitome of the writings of Cassius Dio).
  • Naevius, "Bellum Punicum", published in Remains of Old Latin, Vol. 2, Loeb.

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