Mental Health (Care and Treatment) (Scotland) Act 2003 - Principles - Individual Abilities and Background

Individual Abilities and Background

Important things about you such as your age, gender, sexual orientation, religion, racial origin or membership of any ethnic group should be taken into account by people providing care and treatment.

People giving you care should also make sure that:

  1. any restrictions on a person's freedom are the least necessary
  2. the person being treated under the act shouldn't be treated any less favourably than anyone else being treated for a mental illness, or other mental disorder
  3. carer's needs are taken into account
  4. the person being treated is getting services that are right for them
  5. when a person is no longer receiving compulsory treatment, he or she should still continue to get care and treatment if it is needed
  6. if the person being treated is under 18, his or her welfare is of the highest priority

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