Mendels(s)o(h)n is a Polish/German Jewish family name, meaning "son of Mendel", Mendel being a Yiddish diminutive of the Hebrew given name Menahem, meaning "consoling" or "one who consoles".

Mendelssohn is the surname of a number of people:

  • Moses Mendelssohn (1729–1786), philosopher, a significant figure in the Age of Enlightenment in Germany
  • Felix Mendelssohn (1809–1847), noted early Romantic composer, son of Abraham

Other descendants of Moses Mendelssohn (see also Mendelssohn family), including:

  • Joseph Mendelssohn (1770–1848), German Jewish banker, founder of Mendelssohn & Co.
  • Abraham Mendelssohn Bartholdy (1776–1835), German Jewish banker, father of Fanny and Felix
  • Fanny Mendelssohn (1805–1847), composer and pianist, daughter of Abraham
  • Paul Mendelssohn Bartholdy (1841–1880), chemist, son of Felix
  • Arnold Mendelssohn (1855–1933), German composer and music teacher

Other Mendelssohns:

  • Anna Mendelssohn (1948–2009), British political activist and poet
  • George Mendelssohn, founder of Vox Records in 1945
  • Heinrich Mendelssohn (1881–1959), German building tycoon
  • Kurt Mendelssohn (1906–1980), German-born British medical physicist
  • Samuel David Mendelssohn (1942–2006), German political scientist and author


  • Mendelssohn & Co., a private German bank

Musical societies:

  • Mendelssohn Club (1874), a Philadelphia choral society
  • Mendelssohn Glee Club (1866), a New York City choral society

There are also a number of people with the variation Mendelsohn:

  • Ben Mendelsohn (born 1969), Australian actor and musician
  • Carol Mendelsohn (born 1951), American TV writer
  • Daniel Mendelsohn (born 1960), American author and classics scholar
  • Erich Mendelsohn (1887–1953), Prussian architect
  • Matthew Mendelsohn (birthdate unknown), Canadian civil servant
  • Nathan Mendelsohn (1917–2006), Canadian mathematician
  • Robert O. Mendelsohn (born 1952), American economist
  • Robert S. Mendelsohn (1926–1988), American physician and critic of mainstream medicine

And also:

Paul Mendelson, scriptwriter for television, film and radio

See also:

  • Mendelson's syndrome, first described by Curtis Lester Mendelson in 1946
  • MendelssohnKammerChor Berlin, a German chamber choir
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Famous quotes containing the word mendelssohn:

    I never thought I’d have such a luxurious life. A healthy husband ... beautiful little girl ... Jacuzzi and beer and fruitbowl and Beethoven and Mendelssohn and running.... Running is the best thing. [Ellipses in original]
    Miki Gorman (b. 1935)