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Becoming Rebbe

With the sudden death of his father, Rabbi Chanoch Henoch, on 23 September 1965, Rabbi Menachem Shlomo was asked by the Sochatchover Hasidim to become their Rebbe. Although he initially refused, he eventually agreed to be crowned as the fifth Rebbe of the dynasty. As a descendant of the Radomsker dynasty (his grandfather, the Second Sochatchover Rebbe, Rabbi Shmuel Bornsztain, had married the granddaughter of the First Radomsker Rebbe, Shlomo Rabinowicz), Bornsztain was also asked by the Radomsker Hasidim who had survived the Holocaust to become their Rebbe as well. After consulting with gedolei Torah, Bornsztain officially became known as the Sochatchover-Radomsker Rebbe.

His first move as Rebbe was to establish a yeshiva where he himself gave shiurim. He gave himself over completely to his Hasidim, his students, and the community at large.

On 10 August 1969 (26 Av 5729), Bornsztain was traveling home by taxi from a visit to an elderly Hasid hospitalized at Tel HaShomer. An army vehicle crashed into his car head-on, throwing Bornsztain from the cab. Twenty-four hours later, he died of his injuries. He left behind his Rebbetzin and children, all under the age of bar mitzvah.

A few years after his death, his Hasidim crowned his eldest son, Shmuel, as the sixth Sochatchover Rebbe. They also appointed another son, Avrohom Nosson Bornsztain, as Radomsker Rebbe.

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