Memucan Hunt, Jr. - After Statehood and Final Years

After Statehood and Final Years

Hunt volunteered to serve in the Mexican War in 1846 on General J. Pinckney Henderson's staff. Hunt married Anne Taliaferro Howard of Galveston on Feb. 14, 1850, in Galveston, Galveston Co., TX. After Texas's annexation by the United States, Hunt was elected for one term to the legislature, in 1852, and in 1853 he was appointed United States commissioner to adjust the southwestern boundary with Mexico. He spent his last years trying to recoup his fortune, which he had sacrificed in the cause of Texas. The legislature granted him full compensation in land. To develop his holdings he promoted a railroad from Galveston Bay to the Red River. While he was thus engaged, his health failed, and he died at his brother's home in Tipton County, Tennessee, on June 5, 1856. Mrs. Hunt died in 1916 and is buried in the Montgomery New Cemetery located in Montgomery, Montgomery Co., TX. On 28 July 1859, in Galveston Co., TX, Anne married to Abner S. Lipscomb who died in 1873. On 18 June 1874, in Montgomery Co., TX, Anne married Abner Womack who died in 1875. On 20 Nov 1880, in Montgomery Co., TX, Anne married Emmett Jones who died in 1894.

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