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Note that a number of MPs who are high-ranking members of parties in the ruling coalition were subsequently appointed to various ministerial and governmental positions, while others continued to serve as city mayors. In such cases they are required by Croatian law to put their parliamentary mandate on hiatus for the duration of their other term of office and in the meantime their seats are then taken by a party-appointed replacement MP. Those replacements are not documented here.

Date Constituency Gain Loss Note
2008-04-10 10 April 2008 District 3 Independent HNS Dragutin Lesar (HNS) resigns from the Croatian People's Party, reducing them to six seats.
2009-04-24 24 April 2009 District 3 Independent HNS Zlatko Horvat (HNS), who since January 2008 held the seat of Radimir Čačić, county prefect of Varaždin County, is expelled from the Croatian People's Party for entering the May 2009 local elections in the city of Varaždin as an independent. This reduced HNS to five seats.
2010-01-11 11 January 2010 District 2 Independent SDP Ivica Pančić (SDP) resigns from the Social Democratic Party, reducing them to 55 seats.
2010-04-12 12 April 2010 District 3 HL Independent Dragutin Lesar (Ind.) establishes the centre-left Croatian Labourists (HL) and becomes their only member of parliament.
2010-07-14 14 July 2010 District 3 Independent HSLS Ivan Čehok (HSLS) resigns from the Croatian Social Liberal Party following the party's exit from the ruling coalition, reducing them to a single seat.
2010-09-22 22 September 2010 District 2 HSD Independent Ivica Pančić (Ind.) joins the non-parliamentary centre-left party Croatian Social Democrats (HSD), becoming their only member of parliament.
2010-10-19 19 October 2010 District 4 Independent SDP Zoran Vinković (SDP) resigns from the Social Democratic Party of Croatia, reducing them to 54 seats.
2010-10-21 21 October 2010 District 2 Independent HSLS Đurđa Adlešič (HSLS) returns to parliament after stepping down from the post of deputy prime minister in the Cabinet of Jadranka Kosor following Croatian Social Liberal Party's decision to leave the ruling coalition in July 2010. She takes the seat as an independent, having resigned from the party in the meantime, leaving HSLS with no representation in parliament.
2010-10-22 22 October 2010 District 10 Independent HDZ Former prime minister Ivo Sanader (HDZ) returns to parliament, having resigned from the post in July 2009 and after being expelled from the Croatian Democratic Union in January 2010. He takes the seat as an independent, reducing Croatian Democratic Union to 65 seats.
2011-04-12 12 April 2011 District 4 HDSSB Independent Zoran Vinković (Ind.) joins the right-wing regionalist Croatian Democratic Alliance of Slavonia and Baranja (HDSSB) as their fourth member of parliament.
2011-05-00 May 2011 District 3 Independent SDP Ljubo Jurčić (SDP) resigns from the Social Democratic Party, reducing them to 53 seats.

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