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List Of Amstrad CPC Games - M
1988 Ocean Software Magician's Ball, The 1985 Global Software Magic Johnson's Basketball 1989 Melbourne House Magicland Dizzy 1991 Codemasters Manchester United 1990 Krisalis Mandragore 1986 Infogrames Mange ... Gold Metropolis 1988 Power House Software Meurtres en Série 1987 Cobra Soft MGT 1986 Loriciels Miami Cobra GT 1991 Players Software Miami Dice 1986 Bug Byte Miami Vice 1986 Ocean Software Michael Jackson's ... Moonmist 1986 Infocom Moontorc 1991 Atlantis Software Mordons Quest 1985 Melbourne House Morris Meets the Bikers 1984 Automata UK Mortadelo y Filemòn (Clever ...
Middle-earth In Video Games - Official Games - Early Efforts
... In 1982, Melbourne House began a series of licensed LoTR graphical interactive fiction (text adventure) games with The Hobbit, based on the book with the same ... time, with interactive characters that moved between locations independent of the player, and Melbourne House's 'Inglish' text parser which accepted full-sentence commands where the norm was simple ... around the same time was unrelated to Melbourne's titles except for the literary origin ...
Mike Singleton - List of Games
... Amstrad, C64, Spectrum Throne of Fire Melbourne House 1986 Spectrum Dark Sceptre Beyond Software 1986 Spectrum War in Middle Earth Melbourne House 1988 Spectrum Star ...

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