Megalithic Culture

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History Of Galicia - Prehistory - Megalithic Culture
... western León, and Zamora formed a single megalithic area since the Neolithic and Chalcolithic (also called Copper Age) Ages, around 4500–1500 BCE ... This was the first great culture to appear in Galicia and was characterized by its surprising capacity for construction and architecture ... Many historians believe that Megalithic culture had two sources an oriental source that was predominant in the Mediterranean area, and one in the Atlantic, which ...
Berber Mythology - Megalithic Culture
... The megalithic culture may have been part of a cult of the dead or of star-worship ... of Mzora (also spelled as Msoura) is the best known megalithic monument in northwest Africa ... Another megalithic monument was discovered in 1926 to south of Casablanca ...
History Of Assam - Prehistory - Megalithic Cultures
... Though the metal age seems to be missing in Assam, the Iron Age Megalithic culture of South India finds an echo in the rich megalithic culture in the region, which begins to appear earlier than the first ... The megalithic culture was the precursor of the fertility cult and the saktism and the vajrayana Buddhism that followed ...

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