Mediterranean–Dead Sea Canal

The Mediterranean–Dead Sea canal (MDSC) is a proposed project to dig a canal from the Mediterranean Sea to the Dead Sea, taking advantage of the 400-metre difference in water level between the seas. It is not to be confused with the Red Sea–Dead Sea Canal (RSDSC). The project could correct the drop in the level of the Dead Sea observed in recent years. The canal could also be used to generate hydroelectric power because of surface difference and maybe by salinity gradient power, and desalinate water by reverse osmosis.

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Mediterranean–Dead Sea Canal - History
... in 1855 in an oeuvre called 'The Dead Sea – A new route to India' ... At that time it was not yet known that the Dead Sea lies below sea level, and Allen proposed this canal as an alternative to the Suez Canal ... the difference in water levels between the Mediterranean sea and the Dead Sea for power generation has been the subject of a first publication by the engineers Wendt and Kelm in ...

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