Media Object

Media Object

The Media Object Server (MOS) protocol allows newsroom computer systems (NCS) such as video servers, audio servers, still stores, and character generators to communicate using a standard protocol for broadcast production.

The MOS protocol is based on XML. It enables the exchange of the following types of messages:

Descriptive Data for Media Objects.
The MOS "pushes" descriptive information and pointers to the NCS as objects are created, modified, or deleted in the MOS. This allows the NCS to be "aware" of the contents of the MOS and enables the NCS to perform searches on and manipulate the data the MOS has sent.
Playlist Exchange.
The NCS can build and transfer playlist information to the MOS. This allows the NCS to control the sequence that media objects are played or presented by the MOS.
Status Exchange.
The MOS can inform the NCS of the status of specific clips or the MOS system in general. The NCS can notify the MOS of the status of specific playlist items or running orders.

MOS was developed to reduce the need for their development of device specific drivers. By allowing developers to embed functionality and handle events, vendors were relieved of the burden of developing device drivers. It was left to the manufacturers to interface newsroom computer systems. This approach affords broadcasters flexibility to purchase equipment from multiple vendors. It also limits the need to have operators in multiple locations throughout the studio as, for example, multiple character generators can be fired from a single control workstation, without needing an operator at each CG console.

MOS enables journalists to see, use, and control media devices inside Associated Press's ENPS system so that individual pieces of newsroom production technology speak a common XML-based language.

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