Media Influence

Media influence or media effects are used in media studies, psychology, communication theory and sociology to refer to the theories about the ways in which mass media and media culture affect how their audiences think and behave.

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Agnotology - Media Influence
... An emerging new scientific discipline that has connections to agnotology is cognitronics cognitronics aims (a) at explicating the distortions in the perception of the world caused by the information society and globalization and (b) at coping with these distortions in different fields ... Cognitronics is studying and looking for the ways of improving cognitive mechanisms of processing information and developing emotional sphere of the personality - the ways aiming at compensating three mentioned shifts in the systems of values and, as an indirect consequence, for the ways of developing symbolic information processing skills of the learners, linguistic mechanisms, associative and reasoning abilities, broad mental outlook being important preconditions of successful work practically in every sphere of professional activity in information society ...
Media Influence - An Instrument For Social Control - Media Effects On Nutrition
... States, there is a proliferation of advertising on mass media that relates to the purchase of high calorie, high fat food from fast food restaurants ... Mass media has been supported by the nutrition field, to direct the public’s nutrition-related behaviors to healthier ways ... messages in entertainment programs on mass media will be cost-effective and promising ...
Gary Chaison - Research Focus - Media Influence
... of academic output, Chaison is widely cited in the mass media ... USA Today, as well as mass-market international media sources such as the Associated Press and MSNBC ... The reach of Chaison's media voice was particularly noted "An article on the janitors' strike in Los Angeles had a combined circulation of over 9.2 million, and his quotes ...

Famous quotes containing the words influence and/or media:

    Perhaps I stand now on the eve of a new life, shall watch the sun rise and disappear behind a black cloud extending out into a grey sky cover. I shall not be deceived by its glory. If it is to be so, there is work and the influence that work brings, but not happiness. Am I strong enough to face that?
    Beatrice Potter Webb (1858–1943)

    Today the discredit of words is very great. Most of the time the media transmit lies. In the face of an intolerable world, words appear to change very little. State power has become congenitally deaf, which is why—but the editorialists forget it—terrorists are reduced to bombs and hijacking.
    John Berger (b. 1926)