Meanings of Minor Planet Names: 3001–3100

This is a list of meanings of minor planet names: 3001–3100.

Name Provisional designation Source of name
3001 Michelangelo 1982 BC1 Michelangelo Buonarroti, 15th-16th-century Italian painter and sculptor
3002 Delasalle 1982 FB3 Saint Jean-Baptiste de la Salle, 18th-century French founder of the Frères des écoles chrétiennes, in whose schools the discoverer has studied and taught
3003 Konček 1983 YH Mikuláš Konček, Slovak meteorologist †
3004 Knud 1976 DD Knud Johan Victor Rasmussen, 19th-20th-century Danish-Eskimo explorer and ethnologist, and close friend of the discoverer's paternal grandfather and namesake
3005 Pervictoralex 1979 QK2 Per Victor Alexander Lagerkvist, son of the discoverer
3006 Livadia 1979 SF11 Livadiya suburb of Yalta †
3007 Reaves 1979 UC Gibson Reaves, American astronomer, historian and educator at the University of Southern California
3008 Nojiri 1938 WA Houei (Hoei) Nojiri, 19th-20th-century Japanese essayist, author and astronomer
3009 Coventry 1973 SM2 Coventry, England, sister city of Volgograd †
3010 Ushakov 1978 SB5 Fyodor Fyodorovich Ushakov, Russian admiral † ‡
3011 Chongqing 1978 WM14 Chongqing, China, capital of Ba state in ancient times and the provisional capital of China 1937–1946
3012 Minsk 1979 QU9 Minsk, Byelorussian SSR †
3013 Dobrovoleva 1979 SD7 Oleg Vasilyevich Dobrovolsky, Soviet astronomer †
3014 Huangsushu 1979 TM Su-Shu Huang, Chinese-American astrophysicist †
3015 Candy 1980 VN Michael P. Candy, Australian astrometrist †
3016 Meuse 1981 EK The Meuse River (Dutch Maas), which rises in France and flows through Belgium and the Netherlands †
3017 Petrovič 1981 UL Štefan Petrovič, Slovak climatologist †
3018 Godiva 1982 KM Lady Godiva, legendary 10th-11th-century Anglo-Saxon wife of Leofric, Earl of Mercia
3019 Kulin 1940 AC György Kulin, Hungarian astronomer † ‡
3020 Naudts 1949 PR Ignace Naudts, Belgian amateur astronomer
3021 Lucubratio 1967 CB Latin for "nocturnal study, night work" (from lucubrum, candle)
3022 Dobermann 1980 SH Karl Friedrich Louis Dobermann, German amateur astronomer and dog breeder † ‡ +
3023 Heard 1981 JS John Frederick Heard, Canadian astronomer †
3024 Hainan 1981 UW9 Hainan Province †
3025 Higson 1982 QR Roger Higson, American astronomer assistant †
3026 Sarastro 1977 TA1 Sarastro, high priest of the Temple of Wisdom in Mozart's The Magic Flute
3027 Shavarsh 1978 PQ2 Shavarsh Karapetyan, Soviet Armenian finswimmer 11-time World Record holder, 17-time World Champion, 13-time European Champion and 7-time USSR Champion; additionally, he saved 20 lives when a trolleybus fell into the Yerevan reservoir. †
3028 Zhangguoxi 1978 TA2 Zhang Guoxi, Chinese industrialist †
3029 Sanders 1981 EA8 Jeffrey D. Sanders, American student †
3030 Vehrenberg 1981 EH16 Hans Vehrenberg, German amateur astronomer, author of the Atlas of Deep-Sky Splendors (Mein Messier-Buch) † ‡
3031 Houston 1984 CX Walter Scott Houston, American amateur astronomer well known for his column Deep Sky Wonders in "Sky & Telescope"
3032 Evans 1984 CA1 Reverend Robert O. Evans, Australian amateur astronomer, discoverer of several extragalactic supernovae
3033 Holbaek 1984 EJ Holbæk, Denmark, town nearest to the discovery site (Brorfelde Observatoriet) on the occasion of the former's 700th anniversary in 1986
3034 Climenhaga A917 SE John L. Climenhaga, Canadian astronomer †
3035 Chambers A924 EJ John Eric Chambers, then British predoctoral fellow at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics
3036 Krat 1937 TO Vladimir Alekseevich Krat, Russian astronomer †
3037 Alku 1944 BA Finnish for "Beginning", the discoverer's boyhood boat, built by his father
3038 Bernes 1978 QB3 Mark Naumovich Bernes, Soviet film actor and singer †
3039 Yangel 1978 SP2 Mikhail Kuz'mich Yangel', 20th-century Soviet rocket and missile designer † ‡
3040 Kozai 1979 BA Yoshihide Kozai, Japanese astronomer and celestial mechanician, discoverer of the Kozai mechanism
3041 Webb 1980 GD Rev. Thomas William Webb, 19th-century British amateur astronomer, author of Celestial Objects for Common Telescopes and discoverer of S Orionis
3042 Zelinsky 1981 EF10 David S. Zelinsky, American mathematician, formerly active participant in the Palomar Planet-Crossing Asteroid Survey while an undergraduate student at Caltech
3043 San Diego 1982 SA San Diego, California, in recognition of its efforts to curb light pollution
3044 Saltykov 1983 RE3 Nikita Saltykov, the first discoverer's grandfather
3045 Alois 1984 AW Alois T. Stuczynski, the discoverer's grandfather
3046 Molière 4120 P-L Molière, 17th-century French playwright
3047 Goethe 6091 P-L Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, 18th-19th-century German poet and playwright
3048 Guangzhou 1964 TH1 Guangzhou, largest open city in southern China and the capital of Guangdong province
3049 Kuzbass 1968 FH Kuznets Basin, an industrial region (Kemerovo Region) of Siberia, known for its coalmining (it is one of the richest coal deposits in the world)
3050 Carrera 1972 NW The Carreras (Javiera, Juan José, José Miguel, and Luis), 18th-19th-century key figures of the Chilean War of Independence
3051 Nantong 1974 YP Nantong, China
3052 Herzen 1976 YJ3 Aleksandr Ivanovich Herzen, 19th-century Russian revolutionary, writer, and philosopher, "father of Russian socialism" and founder of the free Russian press abroad
3053 Dresden 1977 QS Dresden, Germany (then in the GDR)
3054 Strugatskia 1977 RE7 Boris and Arkady Strugatsky, Russian science fiction writers †
3055 Annapavlova 1978 TR3 Anna Pavlova, Russian ballet dancer †
3056 INAG 1978 VD1 French Institut national d'astronomie et de géophysique (National Institute of Astronomy and Geophysics), which built the discovery telescope †
3057 Mälaren 1981 EG Lake Mälaren, Sweden †
3058 Delmary 1981 EO17 Delmary Rose Schanz, 20th-century American artist †
3059 Pryor 1981 EF23 Carlton P. Pryor, American astronomer, who participated in the Palomar Planet-Crossing Asteroid Survey while an undergraduate student at Caltech
3060 Delcano 1982 RD1 Juan Sebastian del Caño, 15th-16th-century Spanish navigator, lieutenant of Magellan, first to continuously circumnavigate the globe †
3061 Cook 1982 UB1 James Cook, 18th-century British navigator †
3062 Wren 1982 XC Sir Christopher Wren, 17th-18th-century British architect and astronomer †
3063 Makhaon 1983 PV Makhaon, mythical physician to Greeks during the Trojan War †
3064 Zimmer 1984 BB1 Louis Zimmer, Belgian (Flemish) clockmaker and amateur astronomer †
3065 Sarahill 1984 CV Sarah J. Hill, American astronomer †
3066 McFadden 1984 EO Lucy-Ann McFadden, American planetary scientist †
3067 Akhmatova 1982 TE2 Anna Akhmatova, 20th-century Soviet poet †
3068 Khanina 1982 YJ1 Frida Borisovna Khanina, Soviet orbit computer †
3069 Heyrovský 1982 UG2 Jaroslav Heyrovský, Czech physical chemist †
3070 Aitken 1949 GK Robert Grant Aitken, 19th-20th-century American astronomer, fourth director of the Lick Observatory, author of the "New General Catalogue of Double Stars within 12° of the North Pole" (1932)
3071 Nesterov 1973 FT1 Pyotr Nesterov, 19th-20th-century Russian pioneer airman †
3072 Vilnius 1978 RS1 Vilnius, Lithuania †
3073 Kursk 1979 SW11 Kursk, Russia †
3074 Popov 1979 YE9 Alexander Stepanovich Popov, 19th-century Russian radio inventor †
3075 Bornmann 1981 EY15 Patricia L. Bornmann, American solar astronomer, who participated in the Palomar Planet-Crossing Asteroid Survey while an undergraduate student at Caltech
3076 Garber 1982 RB1 Paul E. Garber, 20th-century American historian †
3077 Henderson 1982 SK Thomas James Henderson, 19th-century Scottish astronomer, first Astronomer Royal for Scotland, first to measure the distance to a star, Alpha Centauri, in 1839
3078 Horrocks 1984 FG Jeremiah Horrocks, 17th-century English astronomer and mathematician, who predicted the transit of Venus across the face of the sun in November of 1639 and became the first to see such an event; he also believed the Moon to have an elliptical orbit with the earth at one focus, a fact that Newton was later to acknowledge
3079 Schiller 2578 P-L Friedrich Schiller, 18th-century German playwright
3080 Moisseiev 1935 TE Nikolai Dmitrevich Moiseiev (Moisseev), 20th-century Soviet astronomer †
3081 Martinůboh 1971 UP Bohuslav Martinů, Czech composer
3082 Dzhalil 1972 KE Musa Mustafovich Dzhalil' (Musa Cälil), 20th-century Tatar Soviet poet †
3083 OAFA 1974 MH Observatorio Astronómico Félix Aguilar
3084 Kondratyuk 1977 QB1 Yuri Kondratyuk, 20th-century Soviet cosmonautics pioneer †
3085 Donna 1980 DA Donna Marie Thompson, American administrative assistant for the Minor Planet Center and the Central Bureau for Astronomical Telegrams, secretary for the Planetary Sciences division of the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics
3086 Kalbaugh 1980 XE Carroll Kalbaugh Liller, father of Chilean astronomer William Liller
3087 Beatrice Tinsley 1981 QJ1 Beatrice Muriel Tinsley, née Hill, 20th-century British-born New Zealand astronomer
3088 Jinxiuzhonghua 1981 UX9 "Splendid China", park at Shenzhen, the largest miniature scenic spot in the world
3089 Oujianquan 1981 XK2 Jian-Quan Ou, Chinese entrepreneur, for his notable contributions in developing township enterprises
3090 Tjossem 1982 AN The Tjossem family of central Washington State, four generations of whose members have been friends of the discoverer and his family (in particular Peter Tjossem, 19th-20th-century amateur entomologist and paleobotanist)
3091 van den Heuvel 6081 P-L Edward Peter Jacobus van den Heuvel, Dutch astronomer, and his niece Julia Edith van den Heuvel †
3092 Herodotus 6550 P-L Herodotus, 5th-century B.C. Greek historian, "Father of Historiography"
3093 Bergholz 1971 MG Olga Fedorovna Bergholz, 20th-century Russian poet † ‡
3094 Chukokkala 1979 FE2 Korney Chukovsky, pen name of Nikolaj Vasil'evich Kornejchukov, 18th-19th-century Russian writer, scholar, and poet ("Chukokkala" is the title of an album by him) †
3095 Omarkhayyam 1980 RT2 Omar Khayyám, 11th-12th-century Tajik-Persian poet, mathematician and philosopher †
3096 Bezruč 1981 QC1 Petr Bezruč, Czech poet †
3097 Tacitus 2011 P-L Tacitus, 1st-century Roman historian
3098 van Sprang 4579 P-L Bert van Sprang, Dutch meteor specialist †
3099 Hergenrother 1940 GF Carl W. Hergenrother, American astronomer
3100 Zimmerman 1977 EQ1 Nikolaj Vladimirovich Zimmerman, Russian astronomer †
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