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The variants used by the German Army are the Bo 105P and Bo 105M.

  • Bo 105A : First production model primarily for civil use and equipped with two Allison 250-C18 turbine engines.
  • Bo 105C : Initial version. Developed in 1972 and equipped with two Allison 250-C20 turbines engines.
  • Bo 105CB : Light observation, utility transport version. Developed in 1976 and equipped with two Allison 250-C20B turbine engines.
  • Bo 105CBS : Utility transport version, with the fuselage stretched by 10 inches for emergency medical service duties.
  • Bo 105CBS-5 : Search and rescue version of the Bo 105CBS.
  • Bo 105D : UK certified offshore version.
  • Bo 105LS A1 : Developed in 1984 with stretched fuselage and two Allison 250-C28C turbine engines.
  • Bo 105LS A3 : Developed in 1986 with maximum take-off weight increased to 2,600 kg.
  • Bo 105LS A3 "Superlifter" : Developed in 1995 with maximum mission weight increased to 2,850 kg.
  • Bo 105P/PAH-1 : With its army designation "PAH-1" and "PAH-1A1" for the upgraded version (PAH=Panzerabwehrhubschrauber; 'Tank-defence helicopter'), is an anti-tank helicopter armed with wire-guided HOT ATGMs (HOT2 for the upgraded A1 version). Most of them are being replaced with the new Eurocopter Tiger multirole attack helicopter, some will still stay in service till the end of their life span. The outphased PAH's are going to be disarmed and downgraded to the VBH version.
  • Bo 105P/PAH-1A1 : Improved anti-tank version for the German Army, fitted with six HOT missile tubes.
  • Bo 105P/PAH-1 Phase 2 : Proposed night attack version for the German Army.
  • Bo 105P/BSH Proposed escort version for the German Army, armed with Stinger air-to-air missiles.
  • Bo 105M : With its army designation "VBH" (Verbindungshubschrauber; 'liaison chopper'), is a light transport and surveillance helicopter. They were outphased and replaced by disarmed and modified PAH1.
  • Bo 105/Ophelia : Test and trials aircraft fitted with a mast-mounted sight.
  • Bo 105ATH : Anti-tank version for the Spanish Army.
  • Bo 105GSH : Armed scout version for the Spanish Army.
  • Bo 105LOH : Observation version for the Spanish Army.
  • Bo 105MSS : Maritime version, fitted a search radar.
  • NBO-105 : Were Manufactured by IPTN under licence from MBB (now Eurocopter) 1976-2011; only rotors and transmission now supplied by Germany; originally NBO-105 CB, but stretched NBO-105 CBS available from 101st aircraft onwards. 123 were produced.
  • NBO-105S : Stretched version.
  • BO 105 Executaire: Boeing Vertol and Carson Helicopters manufactured a 24.5 cm stretched version of the Bo 105 under license as the Executaire in an attempt to break into the U.S. light helicopter market, but sales were dismal.
  • Bo 105E-4 : 12 German Army Bo-105P upgraded and overhauled for a 10 million euro contract and donated to Albania first batch delivered in 2006, the helicopters have better performance and avionics. The conversion of other BO-105 helicopters from the German Armed Forces is also under consideration with a view to future sales.
  • EC-Super Five : High performance version of the Bo 105CBS.
  • Bo-105 KLH : license-produced combat version of CBS-5 custom-fitted with Korean mission equipment package including communication, navigation, electronic warfare and target acquisition system, to meet Republic of Korea Army's operational requirements. KLH also has greatly improved rotor blade and transmission system. 12 are in service.
  • Bo 106 : Widened cabin to seat 7; intended for conversion and/or new production but not proceeded with.

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