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Mazraat En Nahr is a small but beautiful village in Zgharta, Lebanon which is situated in-between two major villages Tourza and Sereel. The name Mazraat Al Nahr is a Lebanese word meaning “Planting by the river” because of the beautiful Agriculture that consist of potatoes, onions, fruits and vegetables all by the side river of El Karya and El Ghar Spring. The people of Mazraat En Nahr on the other hand make up a population of about of about 378 people but not official census has been taken lately. Most of the inhabitants of Mazraat En Nahr were a mixture of many peoples. The majority were Canaanites, Phoenician and Aramiin, who later became known as the Syriac.

Agriculture: Potatoes, Onions, Fruits and Vegetables.
Water Source: El Karya spring and El Ghar spring.
Celebrations: The feast of Mar Youssef, 19 March.

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