Mazdoor Kisan Party - Political Program

Political Program

The following political program was adopted at the unity congress in 1979. Overall the MKP called for the establishment of a “people’s democratic” system in Pakistan which would eventually lead to socialism. The class contradiction in its view was fundamental to other political contradictions. The ideal system was defined as one in which power was held by workers, peasants, patriotic sections of the intelligentsia, nationalistic entrepreneurs and small traders. Imperialist domination, comprador capitalism and governance of bureaucracy were to be eliminated.

  • State and government: Pakistan should be a federation brought about by the voluntary and equal association of the provinces which should enjoy complete autonomy in their own affairs. It should be a democratic state in which people will exercise power through the revolutionary party and through elected assemblies.

  • Economy: The current neo-colonial, dependent capitalist system with vestiges of feudal-type relations should be abolished, imperialist domination of the economy ended and a re-orientation of the economy towards real growth, independent development, self-sufficiency, self-reliance and genuine progress should be employed. The state should take a leading role in economic development including nationalisation of the enterprises owned by comprador and pro-imperialist capitalists and management of socialised industry by representative committees of workers. Excess land taken from big land-owners should be distributed free among the local landless and poor peasants.

  • National question: National inequality and oppression should be eliminated. Different nationalities and ethnic groups should be given equal rights and every child should be allowed an education in his/her native tongue.

  • Culture: The popular cultural heritage must be protected and promoted. The current imperialist, feudal and doctrinaire cultural influence should be rooted out.

  • Fundamental rights: All citizens shall have freedom of religion, freedom of expression and freedom of press, regardless of their race, gender or nationality. Vested interests shall not be allowed to exploit the name of Islam to oppress the masses, obstruct progress or instigate communal hatred.

  • Women: No position should be closed to women. They shall have equal rights with men and be allowed to participate in the development and defence of the country.

  • Foreign policy: Pakistan shall support the struggles against imperialism, Zionism and racism. Closer relations with the socialist countries should be developed for mutual advantage. Cooperation with other third world countries for establishing a new international economic order. Support for disarmament and world peace.

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