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Slipknot Injuries

During the opening date of the festival on July 9, Sid Wilson the turntablist of Slipknot broke both of his heels when he jumped from an elevated area of the stage and landed incorrectly. Despite the injury, he promised to perform on all dates of the tour even in a wheelchair. With both his legs in casts he returned with the band on the second date of the festival on July 12 in a wheelchair, he has however performed without it (he was seen on August 10 with the chair on stage and included it into the act). Throughout the tour, he has been seen to repeatedly slip out of the wheelchair in order to crawl across the stage and climb upon the set pieces and drum set. His 'Moon Boots' as Corey Taylor calls them, are displayed to the audience at some point during the set.

During the tour Slipknot drummer Joey Jordison also suffered an injury by breaking his ankle. Slipknot finished the tour regardless but were forced to cancel several appearances at European festivals due to the injury.

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