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Minolta SR Mount
1961 feature a slightly different aperture leverage, and thus the automatic diaphragm may not work correctly on post-1961 cameras, and later MC/MD tabs may hit a screw of the front cover on earlier. 1966-1977 Meter coupling added (often called MC mount) allowing full-aperture TTL measurement ... added, which allows the reading of the smallest available aperture, often referred to as MD mount ...
Carl Zeiss AG - Innovations
... This lens was made in three series Series III, IV and V, with maximum apertures of f/7.2, f/12.5, and f/18 respectively ... In 1891, Series I, II and IIIa appeared with respective maximum apertures of f/4.5, f/6.3, and f/9 and in 1893 came Series IIa of f/8 maximum aperture ... was called the Protarlinse Series VII, the most highly corrected single combination lens with maximum apertures between f/11 and f/12.5, depending on its ...
Lenses For SLR And DSLR Cameras - Types of Lenses - Zoom Lenses
... it can be varied between a specified minimum and maximum value ... However, zoom lenses still typically have a lower maximum aperture than fixed-focal ("prime") lenses for the same weight and cost, especially for shorter focal lengths ... The maximum aperture for a zoom lens may be the same (constant) for all focal lengths, but it is more common that the maximum aperture is greater at ...
Canon EF-S 17–55mm Lens - Similar Lenses
... L series and the 17–55 not being so designated), though the 17-55's faster aperture and IS make it more suited (by one stop) for hand-holding and available light photography ... Two of the 24–70 lenses have the same f/2.8 maximum aperture as the 17–55, but no image stabilization the newest 24–70 has a maximum f/4 aperture but adds ... inexpensive kit lens and is not comparable to the 17-55mm, having slower aperture, a variable maximum aperture, lower image quality, and no image stabilization ...
Lens Speed
... Lens speed refers to the maximum aperture diameter, or minimum f-number, of a photographic lens ... A lens with a larger maximum aperture (that is, a smaller minimum f-number) is a fast lens because it delivers more light intensity (illuminance) to the ... A smaller maximum aperture (larger minimum f-number) is "slow" because it delivers less light intensity and requires a slower shutter speed ...

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