Maule M-7 - Variants - MX-7 Series

MX-7 Series

MX-7 Rocket
MX-7-160 Sportplane
M-6 fuselage with M-5 wings. Lycoming O-320 engine
MX-7-180 Star Rocket
MX-7 with lengthened cabin. Optional third row of seats with windows. Lycoming O-360 engine
MX-7-180A Sportplane and Comet
MX-7-180B Star Rocket
MX-7-180C Millennium
MX-7-250 Starcraft
MX-7 with Allison 250 turboprop engine
MX-7-420 Starcraft Turboprop
MX-7-235 with Allison 250 turboprop engine
MXT-7-160 Comet
MX-7-160 with tricycle undercarriage
MXT-7-180 Star Rocket
MX-7-180 with tricycle undercarriage

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