Matta may refer to:

  • Mata, a moshav in Israel also spelt Matta
  • Matta - a Union Council of Kasur District, Pakistan.
  • Matta, a city in Swat, NWFP Pakistan, the main centre of TNSM
  • Matta, a chief of Siwistan in the 7th century A.D.
  • Matta, a genus of spiders in the Tetrablemmidae family

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List Of Tetrablemmidae Species - Matta
... Matta Matta angelomachadoi — Brazil Matta hambletoni — Brazil Matta mckenziei — Mexico ...
Matta Rice - Cultivation and Trade
... Kerala Matta Rice is grown in Karnataka and Kerala in South India ... Matta rice gives Kerala farmers a premium of Rs ... A three year ban on the export of matta rice was partially lifted in February 2011, allowing 25,000 tonnes to be exported in 2011 ...
Luis Eduardo Matta - Biography
... Luis Eduardo Matta, of Roman Catholic Lebanese origin, is considered one of the most important mystery and suspense authors in Brazil ... Matta has also written other books of adult and young adult fiction, including Ira Implacável Indícios de uma Conspiração (Implacable Range Hints of ... In 2003, Matta wrote a polemic manifesto in which he argues for the role of entertainment literature in instilling love for and habit of reading ...
Matta Rice - Characteristics
... Kerala Matta rice is a unique cereal having high content of nutrients and is indispensable for those who do hard physical work ... Kerala Matta Rice is the rice having the outer bran being removed ... Rose Matta Rice maintains a pink hue as well as its flavor on cooking ...
Matta, Swat
... Matta (Urdu مٹہ‎) is a town in Swat District, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province, Pakistan. ...