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Compact Matrix Quantum Groups
... See also compact quantum group ... Woronowicz introduced compact matrix quantum groups ... Compact matrix quantum groups are abstract structures on which the "continuous functions" on the structure are given by elements of a C*-algebra ...
Index Of Physics Articles - D
... Anderson Dalitz plot Dallas Abbott Dalton's law Daly detector Damping Damping matrix Damping torque Dan Danknick Dan Jacobo Beninson Dan McKenzie (geophysicist) Dan Shechtman Danah Zohar Dangerously irrelevant ... Dehydron Dejan Milošević Delaunay tessellation field estimator Delayed choice quantum eraser Delayed nuclear radiation Delocalized electron Delta-v Delta-v (physics ...
String Theory - History
... but would construct their interactions from self-consistency conditions on the S-matrix ... The S-matrix approach was started by Werner Heisenberg in the 1940s as a way of constructing a theory that did not rely on the local notions of space and time, which ... he advocated was ideally suited for a theory of quantum gravity ...

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    “In a manner of speaking, although it would be more accurate ... to say that the matrix has a God, since this being’s omniscience and omnipotence are assumed to be limited to the matrix.”
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