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  • Lio Convoy (1998): Although his Matrix was not detachable, Leo Prime was the first Transformer toy to come with a Matrix, though technically it is an Energon Matrix. The Matrix was part of the chest sculpt, located inside a left chest panel. The figure was released in international markets by Hasbro in 2008 under the name Leo Prime.
  • Big Convoy (1999): The first Transformer to come with a Matrix that was detachable. Its handle design allowed Big Convoy to hold the Matrix, although it meant altering the handle from its more orthodox shape.
  • Transformers: Robots in Disguise Optimus Prime (2000): Like Lio Convoy, the RiD incarnation of Optimus Prime's (Super Fire Convoy in Japan) Matrix was a permanent fixture inside a chest panel. Looking little like the standard Matrix design, this feature was treated simply as a power cable port in the animated series.
  • Convoy/Optimus Prime (late 2001 New Year Special Re-issue): Made of solid die-cast metal, this Matrix was designed to fit inside the chest cavity/seats of the original Optimus Prime/Convoy toy. It also came with a chain so that collectors could wear the Matrix as a neckpiece. Although this Matrix was sculpted to look just like the original Matrix, the design of Optimus Prime's fists meant that he was unable to hold it.
  • Transformers: Armada Optimus Prime (2002): The Leader-class Optimus Prime figure from this toyline featured a non-removable Matrix sculpted inside his chest. Notably, the smaller, Supercon size-class version of the figure did not.
  • 20th Anniversary Optimus Prime/Masterpiece Convoy (2003–2004): The Matrix included with this figure is both removable, and can be held by Optimus Prime, due to his individually articulated fingers. This is the first Matrix that can also actually open, and can be made to glow in its traditional blue color via an LED inside Optimus Prime's chest cavity. The Matrix was also included in the Japanese-only Masterpiece Ultra Magnus redeco of the toy, as well as other redecos of Convoy (Perfect Edition, Black Edition, Sleep Edition). Like the Matrix of Cybertron Prime, this too can fit in the chest of the original Optimus Prime.
  • Transformers: Cybertron Optimus Prime (2005): The Transformers: Cybertron incarnation of the character (known as Galaxy Convoy in Japan) comes with a Matrix which can be stored inside the chest and removed, and can be held by the figure, somewhat awkwardly (his fingers are one solid section, but can move). Interestingly, the Matrix toy itself is perfectly sized to fit inside the cab of the original Optimus Prime toy and many fans have taken to storing it there. Prime's Planet Key also has a Matrix theme to its sculpt, although the gold accents are only available in the Japanese version of this toy.
  • T.H.S.-01 Galaxy Convoy (2005): A beautifully sculpted Japanese exclusive miniature of Galaxy Force Galaxy Convoy (Cybertron Optimus Prime). The figure features an opening chest, as with the larger counterpart. The tiny Matrix which is revealed can be removed, although an electrical screwdriver or fine tweezers may be necessary! Unlike the Generation 1 version, this matrix has a yellow interior.
  • T.H.S.-02 Convoy (2006): Essentially a small 4 inch tall version of Masterpiece Convoy, he too came with a removable Matrix, which cannot be opened. As with the T.H.S. line, he comes with a variety of hands for different functions. Two hands have slots in them to slip the handles of the Matrix into and it will allow him to hold it. It has weight and is made of die-caste metal.
  • Revoltech Convoy (2006): Able to be held awkwardly but artfully in Convoy's left hand, this Matrix does not fit into his chest. Also, adhering to the comic-look roots, the Matrix has a small pale dot in the blue center giving it the feel of a glow and gloss.
  • Galvatron (2005 re-issues): The Japanese-exclusive reissue of the Galvatron toy, recolored to match his cartoon appearance, includes a die-cast Matrix accessory. (The Matrix accessory used is the same mold as the one used in "New Year Special" Convoy, covered in gold chrome detailing.) Also included was a shorter version of the chain from the "New Year Special" Convoy version, this time to be worn by Galvatron, not the owner. Additionally, another version of the toy (in its original colors) exclusive to the eHobby website features the same accessory, painted in a vacuum-metalized green in reference to the comic book incarnation of the Matrix. Because of the thick gold and green coatings, Galvatron's version of the Matrix will not fit in an Optimus or Ultra Magnus chest cavity without paint wear between the Matrix's prongs or light filing down of the divider between Prime's truck cab seats.
  • Matrix of Leadership Replica (2006): Sculpted by Robert Lee. This item was limited to 1,000 pieces and distributed by Diamond Select Toys in conjunction with Art Asylum. It came with a golden display stand with the Autobot symbol on the front and a replica of the Key to Vector Sigma. Using 3 AA batteries and the replica Key to Vector Sigma accessory (placed on the backside of the display stand), with the Matrix placed on it, it can change colors from blue to purple, to green, to red, and back again.
  • Transformers: Hunt for the Decepticons Battle Blades Optimus Prime (2010): A Voyager Class figure of Optimus Prime from the 2009 film Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. His chest holds a removable Matrix of Leadership.
  • Transformers: Reveal the Shield G2 Laser Optimus Prime (2011): On this Deluxe Class figure, an imprint of the Matrix of Leadership appears behind his chest.

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