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Joseph Conrad - Writer - Style
... Conrad used his own memories as literary material so often that readers are tempted to treat his life and work as a single whole ... Conrad used his own experiences as raw material, but the finished product should not be confused with the experiences themselves" Conrad claimed that he "never ... seems to have used eminent writers' texts as raw material of the same kind as the content of his own memory ...
Agency For The Legal Deposit Libraries
... in United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland law to obtain copies of material published and distributed in those countries ... Rights Act 2000, are entitled to request a free copy of any material published in the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland within twelve months of its publication ... Publishers are then responsible for sending copies of materials directly to the five individual libraries, or to the Agency, for redistribution ...

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    I saw the best minds of my generation
    Reading their poems to Vassar girls,
    Being interviewed by Mademoiselle.
    Having their publicity handled by professionals.
    When can I go into an editorial office
    And have my stuff published because I’m weird?
    I could go on writing like this forever . . .
    Louis Simpson (b. 1923)

    Trying to love your children equally is a losing battle. Your children’s scorecards will never match your own. No matter how meticulously you measure and mete out your love and attention, and material gifts, it will never feel truly equal to your children. . . . Your children will need different things at different times, and true equality won’t really serve their different needs very well, anyway.
    Marianne E. Neifert (20th century)