Material Flow Management

Material flow management (MFM) is a method of efficiently managing materials.

Material flow management is the goal oriented, efficient use of materials, material streams and energy. The goals are given by ecological and economical areas and by observing social aspects. (in "Protection of human beings and environment", by an Enquete Commission of the German Bundestag)

This triple jump of environmental, social and economical orientation makes MFM a tool of high importance in the field of Sustainable Development (SD) and Circular Economy (CE). Seen historically Material Flow Management is a relatively new tool that can be understood as an implementation-orientated advancement of the methodology of Material Flow Analysis (MFA). MFM was established as a policy tool after the UN conference in Rio de Janeiro 1992. The German “Bundestag” clearly outlined the targets and specific goals of MFM in a special report by an Enquete Commission.

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