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Graduates and Alumni

From about 8,000 graduates in the 40-year history of this school, more than 400 have obtained PhD degrees and 600 have obtained Magister of Science degrees. These numbers are to be taken with precautions since this is the number of only those who reported their PhD to MG authorities. It is widely believed that much greater number of MG graduates who hold PhDs from western countries never reported their status to MG authorities. MG statistics say the ratio is 1:5, meaning on every 1 alumni that obtains PhD title at Serbian universities there are 5 MG alumni who got their PhD in Western world, mostly at US universities: MIT, UC Berkeley, UCSB, University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign, Caltech, Cooper Union, and Ivy League universities Columbia, Harvard, Princeton, Brown, the UPenn, Yale, Cornell, and Dartmouth College, Oxford, Cambridge), Imperial College London, University College London], and several other universities (mostly ETH Zurich, EPFL, Lomonosov Moscow State University, and Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel).

MG alumni holds university positions around the globe, but also managerial positions in prestigious world companies, since many of former MG graduates continue careers in business as Executive or Managing Directors of world banks and hold various business diplomas from notable institutions such as Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, Kennedy School of Government and Politics at Harvard University (also known as Harvard Kennedy School and HKS), MIT Sloan School of Management, INSEAD, London School of Economics (LSE), Imperial College London, etc. MG Alumni is formally being established recently (in 2009) and started working in 2011, so data should become more accurate in future.

More than 99% of the MG graduates hold graduate university Diploma. Almost all of above mentioned 8,000 MG graduates hold at least M.Sc. in either Mathematics, Physics, or Engineering.

Former students of Mathematical Gymnasium are usually employed in special divisions and prepare pupils for international competitions and for entering exams for prestigious universities around the world, usually in UK and USA. Rastko Marinković, Vladimir Baltić, Miljan Knežević, Mladen Laudanović, Velibor Tintor, Vladimir Božin, Igor Devetak, Zlatko Filipović, Miloš Kojašević, Igor Salom, Predrag Milenović, Đorđe Krtinić, are some of the former students that held lectures, guided pupils' graduate theses, mentored special divisions, or prepared competitions and held competition seminars. Đorđe Krinić prepared and led 2010 Serbian Mathematics Olympiad Team, while Vesna Kadelburg, also a former student of Mathematical Gymnasium, led 2010 UK National Team, from her chair at University of Cambridge, where she obtained her PhD.

European Physical Society, in its Euro Physics News Magazine, published an article "Inspiring Physics in Mathematical Gymnasium Belgrade" about Physics teacher Nataša Čaluković from Mathematical Gymnasium Belgrade, and about results of Physics department of MGB. Authors, themselves distinguished physicists from University of Cambridge, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, MIT, and Institute of Physics Belgrade and former students of Mathematical Gymnasium Belgrade and of professor Nataša Čaluković, claim professor Čaluković's students made 36 appearances at the International Physics Olympiads, and were honored two gold medals, nine silver and twelve bronze medals, as well as ten honorable mentions. Professor Čaluković was herself student of Mathematical Gymnasium Belgrade (graduated 1974), before graduating from the Faculty of Physics, University of Belgrade; as a student of MGB, Nataša's professor and mentor was prof. dr Milan Raspopović, one of the founders of MGB, a physics and philosophy professor, and the longest serving Director and Principal of Mathematical Gymnasium.

Famous alumni also include athletes Slobodan Soro and Rajko Jokanović, chess player Alisa Marić, former Minister of Telecommunications and Information Society in the Government of Serbia Aleksandra Smiljanić, former Mayor of Belgrade Nenad Bogdanović...

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