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In 2000, Ichirou Mizuki gathered four artists to form JAM Project. These included Masaaki Endoh, Eizo Sakamoto, Rica Matsumoto, and Hironobu Kageyama. The group released their debut studio album "First Process" in 2001. After the group's second live concert, Ichirou Mizuki announced he would no longer be a regular in the group. At this time, Hironobu Kageyama took position as the group's new leader.

As a member who can sing very high notes, alongside Hiroshi and Yoshiki, Masaaki is known to handle tough notes that the other members cannot sing. Although being a very versatile vocalist, Masaaki Endoh rarely participated in writing songs for the group. He has shown particular favor to a special type of outfit he wears to every performance, a jacket that is cut at the shoulders, revealing his arms. His hair in performances is also usually styled high.

Masaaki Endoh often stars in songs that have very long notes or extremely high notes, the most well-known example being "Hagane no Messiah" where he holds a note for about twenty seconds. Other notable examples include "SEVENTH EXPLOSION" where he would hold a note for twenty-five seconds, and five seconds in, Yoshiki Fukuyama would join him. The JAM Project songs with the highest note that Masaaki Endoh sings as of the release of their 9th best album are "The Monsters" and "Ha" in which he hits a D5 several times. He is also well-known for yelling English words in JAM Project songs such as "MAXON".

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