Marvel Preview - Bizarre Adventures

Bizarre Adventures

Issue (cover date) Feature Notes
#25 (March 1981) "Lethal Ladies" Black Widow; Lady Daemon ((debut); Daughters of the Dragon
#26 (May 1981) "Kull the Barbarian"
#27 (July 1981) "Secret Lives of the X-Men" Phoenix; Iceman; Nightcrawler
#28 (October 1981) "...These Are the Unlikely Heroes" Elektra; the Shadow Hunter (debut); the Huntsman; Triton; and Bucky Bizarre
#29 (December 1981) "Stephen King's 'The Lawnmower Man'" Adaptation of the Stephen King short story "The Lawnmower Man"; and stories starring Greenberg the Vampire and Bucky Bizarre
#30 (February 1982) "Paradox" back ups: Silhouette; Bucky Bizarre
#31 (April 1982) "A Hard Look at Violence" Dr. Deth with Kip and Muffy (debut); the Hangman; Bucky Bizarre
#32 (August 1982) "Thor and Other Gods" backups: the Aquarian; Bucky Bizarre
#33 (December 1982) "The Tomb of Dracula" "Haunt of Horror" "Tales of the Zombie" "Vault of Evil"
#34 (February 1983) "Special Hate the Holidays Issue" Christmas-themed anthology including the Son of Santa, Howard the Duck, Dr. Deth, and Bucky Bizarre.

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