Martial Arts Reconstruction

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History Of Martial Arts - Reconstruction
... The reconstruction of a martial art as practiced in a specific period is distinct from the practice of a traditional martial art handed down by way of master-student transmission ... The largest movement of martial arts reconstruction is the Historical European Martial Arts revival (HEMA), gaining momentum since the late 1990s ... as Korean swordsmanship (as in Haidong Gumdo, developed in the 1980s) and Sikh martial arts (as proposed by Niddar Singh since 2002) ...

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    As yet her conduct has been great both as a free and as a martial nation. We hope it will continue so, and finally baffle all her enemies, who are in fact the enemies of human nature.
    James Madison (1751–1836)

    No performance is worth loss of geniality. ‘Tis a cruel price we pay for certain fancy goods called fine arts and philosophy.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882)