Marsh Aviation - Wildfire Program

Wildfire Program

Marsh Aviation is the technical advisor and prime general contractor to Wildfire Aircraft Ltd for the G-111AT Wildfire Program. Piston-engined Grumman HU-16 and G-111 airframes will be converted turbo-prop, amphibious air tankers certificated in the Transport Category under FAR Part 25. Conversion will include the installation of new 1,400 US gallon (5,300 litre) retardant tank with an automated control system operating a variable quantity/constant flow release system, major titanium modifications to the load-bearing airframe, the installation of a quick-change cargo/passenger floor, new Honeywell TPE331-14GR/HR turbo-prop engines, new EFIS cockpit, new electrical system including new starter-generators, new hydraulic pumps and an upgraded hydraulic system, as well as such optional features as an APU.

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